EUrelations promotes excellent research in Switzerland and Europe. We specialise in four main areas. Years of intensive engagement provided us with versatile competences, deep insights and valuable connections.

We do not consider success as a matter of luck. Especially commitment, experience and know-how have been important to reach our goals. In the area of research funding there is a lot to read - we do recommend that. But of particular value, however, are the unwritten rules that become clear only after years of cooperation and exchange. It is this invaluable experience that we utilise for our clients: from the idea to the project.
We are not only your project office or your marketing planner. In many projects we are also involved as research partner. Many years of experience in different research projects have enabled us to become experts in our area: in innovation or event management or in the conception of projects or strategies. EUrelations AG sets goals and turns them effectively into reality.
We have gathered a lot of knowledge, learned numerous tips and tricks and made many experiences. We are pleased to pass them on to our clients. Participants learn everything around research funding in specially designed trainings. Whether it is project management, fund acquisition or self marketing: we help you to improve your Complementary Skills.
We are partners in many projects which were or have been funded under the 6th and 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6 and FP7). We give all our energy for each of them and contribute to their success: as supporter for the coordinator in administrative matters, as partner or leader in workpackages, as training provider or as research partner.


Benaki Phytopathological Institute

"I have known and worked with EUrelations team in the frames of our effort for the preparation of the HEROIC FP7 project proposal under very limited time. I have found them to be dependable and of great help in getting our work done in a very effective, inspiring and smooth way. Apart from the administrative and financial support their input was highly appreciated in the scientific part as well. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who is engaged in the life sciences, biomedical research, and other areas of advanced science and technology.
EUrelations not only helps produce a high quality proposal but also provides important advice and insight into how the scientific part of the proposal would be organized.
I believe that EUrelations is well positioned to provide a wide and important contribution to our scientific fields and related activities."

Dr. Kyriaki Machera, Head of the Laboratory of Pesticides Toxicology, Benaki Phytopathological Institute