EUrelations Dienstleistung Verhandlung 300You got your project approved, but you do not have any experience with contract negotiations?

EUrelations AG introduces you to the world of contract negotiations, works on the documents and coordinates your partners.


Your project will be funded? Congratulations! But now you have to implement the specifications of the funding initiative, reformulate your project and reallocate costs. After numerous contract negotiations EUrelations AG is the perfect partner for you and offers the following services:

  • Coordination of partners

As your project is approved you now have to inform your partners and prepare them for the contract negotiation. We take over this task, coordinate your consortium and ensure that all partners deliver and sign the required documents in time.

  • Reformulation of the Description of Work

According to the specifications of the funding initiative some chapters have to be reformulated, deliverables adapted and tables reformatted. We support you in the adaption of the Description of Work and make all the changes as required.

  • Adjustment of the budget

In most cases your budget has to be altered, quite often reduced. This means that you have to recalculate the different cost categories and add or subtract costs. We take care of this and make sure you have a well calculated and balanced budget for your project.

  • Administrative Check-Up

You are on the verge to sign a contract. Of course this document needs to be correct. Mistakes in addresses, names or telephone numbers are unwelcome. We check once again all administrative forms and revise them in consultation with the partners.

  • Contact with the funding institution

Several persons will be responsible for your project and be your points of contact. A project officer, a financial officer, just to name a few. We help you to understand the hierarchies of the organisation and can also take over the communication with the funding initiative.

  • Consortium Agreement

You will have to sign a contract not only with the funding institution but also with your partners. Rights and duties within the consortium will be specified within this document. We help you to draw up this so called Consortium Agreement and make sure the contract is signed.